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It is January which means that many of my clients are seeking assistance in determining whether or not their properties are fairly assessed.  The deadline for filing for tax abatements is March 1st for all towns and cities in New Hampshire.  Yesterday, I finised up two reports for Granite Heights Condominiums in Hooksett, NH.  Today I am preparing a multi family appraisal for someone in Manchester NH’s “North End”.  This afternoon I will start to write a report for one of the largest houses in Bedford NH that is assessed in the MILLIONS.   Condos, Multi families and large houses….  All different, but all deserved to be taxed and assessed fairly.  I am one of the few appraisers who actually enjoys doing thins kind of work.  For more information on tax abatements in Manchester NH or any other city or town in New Hampshire emaile me at jacklavoie@comcast.net or click on the tax abatement link to the right.


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