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An important part of my job as an appraiser, broker and investor is to analyze the markets. Each month I run statistics on several representative cities and towns in the state. By simply tracking “Supply”, it give you insight on the current state of the market and short term future values. I calculate supply by dividing the average amount of sales in the last 3 months into the current amount of listings. As an example, if there were 60 sales over the last 3 months (20 per month) and 120 current listings, the supply would be 6 months. 120/20=6.0. The higher the supply number, the more oversupplied the market. Below are the following Supply in terms of months.

Manchester 10.40 months
Bedford 11.50 months
Nashua 9.59 months
Concord 14.80 months
Portsmouth 15.5 months
Laconia 18.80 months

If you would like a custom market analysis for your town, city or neighborhood, email me at jacklavoie@comcast.net or call me at 603-644-1000.

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Here is an interesting article in the today’s Manchester Union Leader which talks about the number of bankruptcies, forecloses, and late mortgage status among various homeowner/loan groups in New Hampshire.


It will be interesting how this impacts the real estate market. I track sales/data each month myself in several sectors and have noticed a dramatic slowdown in sales activity throughout the winter. Some of the slowdown is attritributed to winter/season, but some of it may not. I do believe that spring will help and I am eager to analyze the numbers over the next few months.

If you have specific question about a real estate matter please don’t hesitate to call me at 603-644-1000.

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Here is a snapshot of the local Manchester NH single family real estate market.  Inventory is stable, however the number of units sold, median sales price and median list price are slightlly down.  Part of this decline is seasonal, since holidays and winter slow down impacts the amount of sales.  I will be posting other segments of Manchester NH (condos, multi-family) as well as Nashua NH Real estate, Concord NH real Estate and Lakes Region Laconia NH real estate.

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