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The federal government in a moment of real “brilliance” decided to make the deadline for the homeowner tax credit at the end of June, provided there was a “contract” date of on or before 4/30/10. With a hard closing date it is clear cut…the property closed on time you get the $$…If it doesn’t you dont! The problem with having the need to have a signed “Purchase and Sales” by April 30th, is that it will tempt some buyers and sellers to “back date” contracts to qualify. There is only one problem with that………It is FRAUD against the government….Tax Evasion and a FELONY!!!!…. Please DO NOT do it!…So if you know of people and/or real estate professionals practicing this pull them aside and tell them that they could end up in Jail over $8K.. Sorry to be a “Namby Pampy” (lol), but I don’t want to see good people get themselves in trouble.

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